The Divide

Community Screenings

If you can't see a screening of The Divide near you, then we can help you organise your own!

We charge £150 + VAT for private or community screenings, slightly more for festivals/political groups or workplace screenings depending on audience size.
This fee goes towards recouping the costs of production, and to pay for the distribution of the film as we are independent producers and not bankrolled by a big studio or distribution company.

The fastest and easiest way to set up your screening is to click the link here and fill out the form with all the details about the screening.
We also have a 'How To' document which you can download here,
which gives you a step by step guide on how to organise your screening of 'The Divide.

Alternatively, if you can't fill out the form or have any questions please do email with The Divide in the subject line.

Once you have paid for your screening, we will send you a copy of the The Divide in the post and you are ready to go!

Any money you make from your screening is yours to keep. We suggest an entrance charge, however small, to reflect the value of the film and the labour involved in making it.

By booking your screening after our official release date (April 2016), we can assist with helping promote your screening by advertising it on our website, Facebook and in our newsletters.

We can also help to arrange a Q&A with the filmmakers.
This will incur extra costs however, which may include travel expenses.

Educational/Academic Screenings

The Divide has already proved popular among Social Studies, Economics and Public Health students and academics.
If you would like to screen The Divide at your University/College/School as part of a course or just as a one-off screening, we can help with that.
We charge £150 + VAT for one time screenings of the film, or we can supply you with a library license which means you can screen the film indefinitely.

If you'd like to know more about acquiring a license, then please email