The Divide

Not on in a cinema near you? If you would like to see The Divide we can help you approach your local cinema.

We can also help if your organisation or community group would like to arrange their own screening.

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Past screenings

Date Venue
Jun 7 5:15pm Sheffield Doc/Fest - World Festival Premiere Vimeo Showroom 2
Jun 10 10:00am Sheffield Doc/Fest PBS American Showroom 3
Jun 20 6:30pm Open City Documentary Festival Hackney Picturehouse - London Festival Premiere
Jul 2 6:00pm East End Film Festival Genesis
Sep 24 6:00pm Take One Action Film Festival Glasgow Film Theatre (Scottish Premiere)
Sep 25 1:00pm Take One Action Film Festival (Screening + Q&A) Edinburgh FilmHouse
Sep 25 7:00pm London Labour Film Festival ArtHouse Crouch End
Oct 18 3:30pm PREVIEW - London (Screening + Q&A) The Phoenix Cinema Finchley
Oct 30 7:00pm PREVIEW - Global Health Film Festival Royal Society of Medicine
Apr 11 6:30pm London Picturehouse Central Premiere (Q&A with Richard Wilkinson, Kate Pickett and Katharine Round)
Apr 19 7:00pm Leeds Hyde Park Picturehouse (Q&A with Katharine Round)
Apr 21 6:00pm London New Economics Foundation (Q&A with Katharine Round, Christopher Hird & Anna Coote)
Apr 21 7:00pm Ramsgate Broad Street Hall (Hosted by Momentum Thanet)
Apr 22 7:00pm Walsall County Hotel (Hosted by Momentum West Midlands)
Apr 22 7:30pm London Picturehouse Central (Q&A with Katharine Round and Shiv Malik)
Apr 22 10:30pm London Picturehouse Central
Apr 23 2:00pm Bangor Pontio (Q&A with Hefin Gwilym & Louise Prendergast)
Apr 23 4:00pm Shrewsbury The Hive
Apr 23 9:00pm London Picturehouse Central
Apr 24 2:00pm London Finchley Phoenix (Q&A with Katharine Round and Christopher Hird)
Apr 24 7:00pm Frome The Assembly Rooms (Hosted by Fair Frome)
Apr 24 7:00pm London Ealing Friends Meeting House
Apr 24 7:30pm Bridport Bridport Arts Centre (Q&A with Katharine Round)
Apr 24 8:15pm London Picturehouse Central
Apr 25 7:15pm London Hosted by Resolution Foundation (Q&A with Katharine Round & Richard Wilkinson)
Apr 25 9:00pm London Picturehouse Central
Apr 26 5:30pm London Picturehouse Central
Apr 26 7:30pm Maplebeck (Newark, Nottinghamshire) The Village Hall
Apr 27 4:45pm London Picturehouse Central
Apr 27 6:00pm Leeds Hyde Park Picturehouse
Apr 27 7:00pm Clevedon Curzon (Q&A with Katharine Round & Stewart Lansley)
Apr 28 7:00pm Kent Nucleus Arts Creative Riverside Hub
Apr 28 7:00pm London New Cross Learning (Q&A with Katharine Round)
Apr 28 7:30pm Durham Shakespeare Hall (Hosted by Clayport Film Society)
Apr 28 7:30pm London Toynbee Hall (Hosted by Renters Rights London)
Apr 28 9:15pm London Picturehouse Central
Apr 29 4:00pm Abingdon, Oxfordshire Abingdon School
Apr 29 7:30pm Abergavenney The Melville Centre
Apr 29 7:30pm Harrogate Friends Meeting House (Hosted by Harrogate Green Party)
Apr 29 7:30pm Knighton Community Centre
Apr 29 9:30pm London Picturehouse Central
Apr 30 10:00am Manchester Bridge 5 Mill (Hosted by Equality Trust North West)
Apr 30 7:00pm London Picturehouse Central
May 1 3:00pm Belfast The Black Box (Cathedral Arts Quarter Festival)
May 1 3:50pm Manchester HOME
May 1 7:45pm London Picturehouse Central
May 2 7:45pm London Picturehouse Central
May 3 4:45pm London Picturehouse Central
May 3 6:00pm Hereford The Courtyard
May 3 6:30pm London Bertha DocHouse (Q&A with Katharine Round,Faiza Shaheen & Christopher Hird)
May 4 4:00pm London Bertha DocHouse
May 4 4:45pm London Picturehouse Central
May 4 6:00pm Lancashire Edge Hill University
May 4 7:00pm Lancaster Lancaster University
May 4 7:00pm Sheffield Sheffield Quaker Meeting House
May 4 8:30pm Hereford The Courtyard
May 5 6:30pm London Bertha DocHouse
May 5 9:15pm London Picturehouse Central
May 6 6:30pm Belfast Queens Film Theatre
May 6 8:15pm London Bertha DocHouse
May 7 2:00pm London Bertha DocHouse
May 7 7:00pm Colchester Headgate Theatre
May 8 6:00pm London Bertha DocHouse
May 9 7:30pm London Regents Street Cinema (Q&A with Katharine Round and Will Hutton)
May 10 6:30pm London Bertha DocHouse
May 10 7:00pm London Dartmouth Park Film Club
May 11 6:30pm Oxford Ultimate Picture Palace (Q&A with Katharine Round and Christopher Hird)
Opened May 13 Ipswich Ipswich Film Theatre
May 13 7:00pm Portsmouth No.6 Cinema (Q&A with Katharine Round)
May 14 3:20pm Bristol Watershed
May 14 6:00pm Cardiff Chapter (Q&A with Alison Parken
May 15 3:20pm Bristol Watershed
May 15 7:00pm Watford Palace Theatre (Q&A with Katharine Round)
May 16 7:00pm London Frontline Club (Q&A with Katharine Round and Christopher Hird)
May 17 6:30pm Nottingham Broadway Cinema (Q&A with Katharine Round, Richard Machin & Ruth Lister (TBC))
May 17 7:30pm Swansea Taliesin Arts Centre
May 19 6:00pm Whitley Bay Jam Jar Cinema
May 19 8:15pm London Lexi (Q&A with Katharine Round)
May 21 7:30pm Liskeard Liskerrett Community Centre
May 23 6:30pm Derby Quad
May 24 2:00pm Ludlow Ludlow Assembly Rooms
May 24 8:15pm Brighton Friends Meeting House
May 25 7:30pm Wirksworth Northern Light Cinema (Q&A with Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett)
May 25 8:15pm London JW3 (Q&A with Katharine Round & Christopher Hird)
May 26 6:15pm Aberdeen Belmont Filmhouse
May 26 8:00pm Devon The Plough Arts Centre, Torrington
May 28 4:20pm Lancaster Dukes
May 30 6:15pm Glasgow Glasgow Film Theatre (Q&A with Katharine Round, Darren McGarvey (Loki), Peter Kelly, Donna Barrowcliffe)
May 31 6:00pm Aberdeen Robert Gordon University
May 31 6:00pm Bradford National Media Museum
May 31 6:00pm Edinburgh Cameo (Q&A with Robin McAlpine & Jennifer Wallace)
May 31 6:00pm Liverpool FACT Picturehouse
May 31 6:00pm London East Dulwich Picturehouse (Q&A with Matt Hawkins, social welfare campaigner)
May 31 6:00pm Oxford Phoenix Picturehouse (Q&A with Danny Dorling)
May 31 6:15pm Bath Little Theatre Cinema (Q&A with Deborah Hardoon, Deputy Head of Research Oxfam, and Professor Tess Ridge)
May 31 6:15pm Norwich Cinema City (Q&A with Lesley Grahame & Jan McLachlan)
May 31 6:15pm Southampton Harbour Lights
May 31 6:30pm Brighton Dukes at Komedia (Q&A with Tom Scanlon)
May 31 6:30pm Exeter Exeter Picturehouse
May 31 6:30pm London Hackney Picturehouse (Q&A with Andy Hull & Christopher Hird)
May 31 6:30pm London Brixton Ritzy (Q&A with Katharine Round & Stewart Lansley)
May 31 6:30pm London Stratford Picturehouse (Q&A with Focus E15 campaign)
May 31 6:30pm Stratford-Upon-Avon Picturehouse
May 31 6:30pm York City Screen (Q&A with Richard Wilkinson)
May 31 7:00pm London Greenwich
May 31 7:00pm London Nanna's Cafe & Pantry (hosted by Transition Highbury)
May 31 8:30pm London Picturehouse Central (Q&A with Katharine Round)
May 31 8:45pm Henley-on-Thames Regal Picturehouse
May 31 8:45pm London Clapham Picturehouse (Q&A with Dawn Foster)
May 31 8:45pm London Crouch End Picturehouse (Q&A with Christopher Hird)
Jun 1 11:00am Brighton Dukes at Komedia
Jun 2 6:00pm Newcastle Tyneside Cinema (Q&A with Rochelle Monte, Katharine Round)
Jun 3 7:45pm Havant The Spring Arts Centre
Jun 5 10:45am York City Screen
Jun 5 6:00pm Hebden Bridge Hebden Bridge Picture House
Jun 7 6:15pm York City Screen (Q&A with Richard Wilkinson)
Jun 7 8:20pm Birmingham MAC
Jun 8 6:30pm London Roxy Bar and Screen (Q&A with Katharine Round)
Jun 9 2:00pm Birmingham MAC
Jun 9 5:30pm London Bromley by Bow Centre
Jun 9 8:00pm Hastings The Observer Building
Jun 10 2:30pm London XX Place Health Centre
Jun 11 2:30pm London St Andrews Health Centre
Jun 13 6:00pm London UCLH Education Centre (Q&A with Christopher Hird)
Jun 14 7:30pm Wisbech The Light Cinema (Q&A with Richard Murphy)
Jun 15 7:30pm Alnwick The Alnwick Playhouse
Jun 17 6:00pm London West London Trades Union Club
Jun 18 11:00am Hexham Queen's Hall Arts Centre
Jun 18 7:00pm Windsor UCL Cumberland Lodge
Jun 19 3:30pm London JW3
Jun 22 2:30pm London JW3
Jun 22 6:00pm West Norwood Portico Gallery (hosted by Lambeth Green Party)
Jun 23 6:00pm Dumfries Robert Burns Film Theatre
Jun 24 6:30pm Doncaster CAST (Q&A with Katharine Round & Ed Miliband
Jun 27 7:00pm Haddington Trinity Centre (hosted by Common Weal East Lothian)
Jun 29 12:00am Bournemouth Bournemouth University
Jun 29 7:00pm London East End Film Festival Hub Sixty Seven (Films For Food)
Jun 29 7:00pm Perth Perth Playhouse (Screening hosted by Common Weal Perth & Kinross)
Jul 1 1:30pm Manchester International Festival of Public Health
Jul 3 3:00pm Forfar The Plough Inn Community Cinema (Q&A with Loki)
Jul 3 7:30pm Wimborne Church House (hosted by Wimborne Greenbelt Group)
Jul 9 6:00pm Newport Neon Cinema (hosted by Newport Fairness Commission)
Jul 12 4:00pm York TFTV Cinema, University of York
Jul 14 6:00pm Royston Picture Palace
Jul 16 7:30pm Lostwithiel The Church Rooms
Jul 27 6:30pm London Book and Kitchen
Jul 27 7:30pm Haddington Trinity Centre (hosted by Common Weal East Lothian)
Aug 4 5:30pm London UsTwo,
Aug 18 7:00pm Bristol Wardrobe Theatre (hosted by Bristol Pound)
Aug 24 7:45pm London Brewers Bar, Dalston
Aug 30 6:15pm Cambridge Arts Picturehouse (Q&A with Christopher Hird)
Sep 8 7:00pm Halifax Orange Box (hosted by Calderdale Peoples Assembly)
Sep 9 7:00pm Wexford Wexford Documentary Festival
Sep 10 2:00pm London DOC:Supper (The Montpelier)
Sep 13 6:00pm Rochdale Rochdale Pioneers Museum
Sep 20 8:15pm London The Institute of Psychoanalysis (Q&A with Katharine Round)
Sep 29 6:30pm Aylesbury University Campus, Aylesbury Vale
Sep 29 6:30pm Cardiff The Gate Arts Centre (Films & Wine)
Sep 29 7:00pm Brighton Free University Brighton
Sep 30 6:00pm Glasgow University of Glasgow
Oct 2 6:00pm Nantwich The Crown Hotel
Oct 5 6:00pm London City, University of London
Oct 12 1:30pm London City, University of London
Oct 12 5:00pm Bradford Bradford Royal Infirmary (Sovereign Lecture Theatre)
Oct 15 4:00pm Bristol Avonmouth Community Centre
Oct 16 5:35pm Keighley Picture House (hosted by Keighley Film Society)
Oct 17 6:00pm Bristol Knowle West Media Centre
Oct 20 5:00pm High Wycombe High Wycombe Library
Oct 20 6:00pm Bristol Easton Community Centre
Oct 20 7:30pm Tavistock The Wharf
Oct 21 6:00pm Fortitude Valley New Globe Theatre
Oct 24 6:00pm London Somerset House (hosted by On Purpose)
Oct 26 7:00pm Exeter South Street Baptist Church
Oct 30 8:00pm Kendal Brewery Arts Centre
Nov 7 6:30pm London St Pauls Institute (Q&A with Sir Alan Budd, Katharine Round & Christopher Hird)
Nov 8 6:00pm Belfast Black Box (Festival of Social Science)
Nov 10 6:30pm Manchester John Rylands Library (ESRC Festival)
Nov 12 5:00pm Glasgow The Pipe Factory (ESRC Festival of Social Sciences)
Nov 12 6:00pm London London Catholic Worker
Nov 15 10:15am London Regent St Cinema (Q&A with Katharine Round & Christopher Hird)
Nov 16 7:45pm Peterborough Oundle Cinema
Nov 21 6:30pm London Camden Town Hall (hosted by Camden Co-op)
Nov 23 7:00pm London Book and Kitchen (Q&A with Christopher Hird)
Nov 24 5:00pm Dartington The Barn Cinema
Nov 25 6:30pm Lewes All Saints Centre (Hosted by Lewes District Green Party)
Nov 27 4:00pm London Hoodoo's Venue - People Taking Action Festival
Dec 1 5:30pm Plymouth The Gallery at Plymouth College of Art
Dec 1 6:00pm Staffordshire Staffordshire University (Q&A with Katharine Round)
Dec 3 12:00pm Cromarty Cromarty Film Festival
Dec 7 7:00pm Toronto The Royal
Jan 6 7:30pm London Classic Cinema Club Ealing
Jan 12 7:15pm London Camden Labour Party at Netley Primary School
Jan 15 6:00pm Buckinghamshire Jordans Picture House
Jan 19 7:00pm Milton Keynes Stantonbury Theatre (Q&A with Katharine Round)
Jan 26 7:00pm London The Thinking Cinema, Lewisham (Q&A with Katharine Round)
Feb 3 6:00pm London Shuffle Festival at East London Chinese Community Centre (Q&A with Katharine Round & Christopher Hird)
Feb 15 7:00pm Aberystwyth Aberystwyth University (Free Event)
Feb 16 7:30pm Bridport Arts Centre hosted by Bridport Community Youth Project
Feb 22 6:30pm London The Castle Cinema, Homerton (Q&A with Christopher Hird)
Feb 22 7:00pm London Union Chapel, Islington (Q&A with Katharine Round, Free Event)
Feb 23 7:00pm London Films for Food at Kafe 1788 (Q&A with Christopher Hird)
Feb 28 7:00pm London Whittington Park Community Association (Q&A with Katharine Round, Free Event)
Mar 7 6:00pm London Blueprint for Better Business at Amnesty International Auditorium (Q&A with Christopher Hird and members of the cast)
Mar 11 10:00am Redbridge Ilford North Labour Party at Fullwell Cross Library
Mar 17 6:30pm York Human Rights Film Festival (Free Event)
Mar 20 7:00pm London Unorthodocs at Somerset House (Q&A with Christopher Hird)
Mar 30 6:00pm London The Hornbeam Cafe (Q&A with Katharine Round and Christopher Hird, Free Event)
Apr 23 8:30pm Porto Heli, Greece World Work Conference by IAPOP
May 16 7:30pm London Kingsley Hall, Bow (Q&A with Christopher Hird) FREE EVENT
Jun 1 7:45pm Stoke Film Theatre
Jun 29 7:30pm Health and Wellbeing Centre Abingdon (Q&A with Martin Wilkinson, Trustee of the Equality Trust)
Jul 5 7:30pm Oswestry Kinokulture Cinema